Bitesize Wonders 13

Rachy Lewis

Tomorrow is my birthday!! It’s crazy to think that I’ve been on this planet for (nearly!) a quarter of a century already. Time has been flying so fast and somehow past me too since my late teens, so it always seems I have some catching up to do. I’m on the verge of a new age which is simultaneously daunting and exciting. The thought of growing older is really making me stop to re-examine my goals, expectations and how far I’ve come. It’s forcing me to face myself, the person I will never be able to escape, deeply and intentionally.

Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? This week also, I’m here to share Bitesize Wonders from my week with you.

These weekly entries in the form of a gratitude journal have really been keeping me grounded. They force me to find the good in my mundane days and treasure them. The world has been crazy for too long now. My life has been crazy too and so much has changed. Because of this, capturing Bitesize Wonders has become an essential part of my week.

My last few days were quite steady. The highs weren’t countless but when they were present, they couldn’t be missed. The lows cut deep but not enough to linger like dark clouds over the rest of my days. It’s about time I share with you a couple of things that made me even an ounce of happy. I hope they encourage you to think about your own little joys too.

  • A curtain about to close. On the last day of my 24th year, I am grateful for the air I breathe, the places I’ve been, and the friends who stuck around. I am grateful for the dreams I’ve kept alive and the days yet to come
  • Hot chocolate on a winter-like spring day warming my hands and body with each careful sip.
  • Reaching the bus stop a minute before the double-decker rolls right in front of your eyes is a sigh-of-relief kind of joy.
  • Last-minute appointments secured by miracle or chance. The face wax was painful and as they tore little strands off my face, I wondered why I subject myself to it time and time again. Smooth, fresh skin makes me do crazy things. They say beauty is pain!
  • The smile on a stranger’s face as they wait behind to hold the door for me. ‘See you!’, they say as they walk away smiling gently.
  • The end of a hiatus that had me and millions more losing all chill. It took over four years but getting a new release by BIGBANG after all these years is so surreal even now. ‘Still Life gave me goosebumps the moment I heard it during its YouTube premiere which was just one of the many reasons it was worth the wait. Nostalgic and timeless. The best combination.
  • Sleeping through my alarm isn’t ideal, but I try to never regret things I thoroughly enjoy!
  • Loud laughs with a funny doctor in a tight hospital room. Should routine appointments be this fun?
  • Desserts grabbed off the shelves at my local store without hesitation! Don’t look for a reason, just treat yourself!
  • Finally finding the words to say and putting them out there. I’d been struggling to fully express how I’d been feeling about adulting and being on the verge of a new age. The words were uncomposed in my brain and a little all over the place. This week, triggered by crazy changes and inescapable realisations, I was able to pick up all the words scattered around my brain and rearranged them to form full sentences.  

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