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Bitesize Wonders 15

As I write this it really can’t escape me how quickly the days went by this week. Coming off the high of my birthday, my first ever concert, and the Easter holidays, this week was relaxed and much more contained than the last. My days naturally bled into one another in mundane ways, and I found solace in the ordinary.

I replaced most of my screentime with a new book and made time for meditation in rooms where scented candles lifted my spirits.

It’s been refreshing to go at a slower pace this week. I got to step back and intently stare at the life I’ve been drawing – it’s time I check if a change in technique is necessary before picking up the brush again. Maybe it’s time I change the colours I’m using, or perhaps my tools need refining. Regardless, I got to look back at the goals I made at the very start of the year. It was a necessary check-in as I needed to either re-align myself with my goals or tweak them in order to reflect where I want to be headed. I would highly recommend doing the same!

Well, since we meet again this Sunday, it’s about time we take part in our weekly tradition here. On my mission to regularly catch moments of pure magic and trap them on a page, I bring you some more Bitesize Wonders.
Sometimes I find myself having to dig a little harder to find note-worthy highlights in my days, but it’s all about perspective. By now, I know there is always something to be grateful for even when it doesn’t seem so. No matter how life-altering or seemingly insignificant, these are the things that made me even an ounce of happy this week:

Have an amazing Sunday!

Your restless romantic roamer

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