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Finding Bitesize Wonders in the mundane every day can be like a game of hide and seek. In some instances, you find your opponent in no time. A strand of unruly hair gives them away too easy and all you need to do is take a few steps closer to view the target clearer. Simply put, GAME OVER.
Hide and seek can become a tiring game though when things don’t go easily as one may wish. Of course, you don’t want to play a game that is too easy or one that ends before the fun even begins. Curiousity should be at its peak; a fragile heart, pounding in exhilaration followed by alert movements that answer to the thrill of it all. However, if one were immersed in a game where they are unable to find the target no matter how much they search with pure intent, the game becomes no fun, and the thrill slowly dies.  

Searching for Bitesize Wonders is far from a game. Little joys and big wins can be the very reason for existing.
That being said, although I’ve been writing these entries for many weeks now, there have been times I’ve found Bitesize Wonders more difficult to spot. If it were indeed a game of hide and seek, I wouldn’t catch them no matter how hard I tried even if they were right in front of my eyes.

My intention has never been clearer. My desire is simply to find reasons for pure gratitude in my days. I want to appreciate the big and very little in my daily life allowing me easy smiles and treasured comfort. It’s not always simple though.

Until I sat down to write my list of Bitesize Wonders, I wasn’t quite sure I had many standout moments that deserved to be marked down on paper. Perhaps, looking for moments that ‘deserve’ to be worthy reasons to be grateful is the wrongest way to go about it. I want my attitude towards gratitude to remain honest and not something I do just for the sake of it or to keep up appearances.

Eat. Sleep. Work. My week was very much filled with these three things. I’ll repeat words I have many times already: there are always reasons to be grateful. I have searched through my days though and found some more simple highlights hiding in my week that I’m, of course, going to share with you. These are the things that made me even an ounce of happy this week:

  • A sunny spot discovered. Perfect for a casual picnic or a slow walk around in the vivid green.
  • System issues at work on a Monday morning that carry on till the afternoon. An unplanned day off that fell on my lap like a miracle I did not even beg for. I guess God knew I needed the rest.
  • Visitors that don’t come empty-handed. I mean, of course, your presence is enough, but that well-packaged homemade stew is a plus I’ll take any day!
  • When the favourite Uber driver picks up your ride. Familiarity and long chats about life – progress, changes and fears.
  • That one podcast episode that made me reflect in ways I hadn’t before. ‘Are humans too complicated for labels?’ is the latest episode from The Lana Blakley Podcast making me wonder if the labels we associate ourselves with may be holding us back from bolder choices. Do they make us feel understood as a part of a community or are they just becoming the perfect way to excuse our bad habits and terrible choices? It’s definitely worth a listen.
  • Sweaty patches at the gym. I’m out of breath again but I feel better, stronger, and more comfortable in my skin.
  • Moisturiser right after the shower is my favourite part of my night-time routine. My fingers rub it in on a face still wet, a soft skin ready to absorb the rich texture. It’s just another little big thing.
  • Friends who support the content you create. It may seem small, but it sure goes a long way.

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