Lessons On ‘How To Let Go’

Whenever I place my laptop on my lap to start punching words on a keyboard, the words that take form on my screen are usually accompanied by a melody playing in the background. It would be hard to find me not listening to music in fact, and those who know me well will know the songs that played on repeat in my life during the most crucial moments.

It surprises me too that this is the first time I’m writing a post of this kind on here…

I’ve always found Sigrid’s music to be quite reflective in nature, a bit like a diary of the ordinary 20-something that looks back at past happenings or emotions felt at once. Her lyrics are quite reflective and real as though they mirror my own state of mind and experiences back at me.
Honest, raw and authentic.

Her debut album, Sucker Punch, was the very soundtrack to my life in 2019 and also during the slower days of the global pandemic.
Songs like ‘Strangers’, ‘In Vain’ and ‘Never Mine’ were accurate melodic depictions of my then fluttering heart. I often felt like she had ripped a page out of my diary and put it into song.

In hindsight, it was a scratch to the surface.

As a body of work that actually provides answers on ‘How To Let Go’, I think the title for the Norwegian pop star’s sophomore album is rather appropriate.

I’m currently in a crucial time of my life where I feel letting go is the only next step I can and should be taking.
There are many things I’ve held unto with a tight grip that do not serve me like they once did. Things I’ve held in a clenched fist either out of fear of being alone or the dread in front of change that can often feel like uncomfortable new shoes.
Whether it be letting go of people who no longer value my place in their life or walking away from a job that makes me unhappy, there have been a few bitter truths I’ve had to come to terms with lately.

In other words, the album was very timely for me. Aside from the fact that every track is easy to the ear, I found every single one of them to be insightful in some way or another.

Each track holds lessons within its lyrics that have really encouraged and inspired me. I’ve been listening to the songs nonstop since the album came out, so I thought I’d share with you some highlights from each song. I just can’t bare keep it to myself!

The moment of truth when one recognises it’s time to let go. That courage that has to be unleashed with inner strength. The aftermath of it all that pushes you towards growth. These are some lessons on ‘How To Let Go’, according to Sigrid:

‘It gets dark so I can see the stars.’

As the saying goes; without darkness, there would be no light. I think the sentiment is pretty much the same. It is true that we can only see the stars in the darkness and perhaps this is a reminder that we need to appreciate dark times, not necessarily because they are dark, but because they often hide beauty within.

‘I tore me apart trying to hold us together.’

The hardest thing about letting go is knowing when to do it. Most times, we know it’s something that needs to be done before we even give voice to our feelings but knowing when to walk away presents itself as an obstacle.

We often think we can fix it. “There is always another way”, we think to ourselves. A way to bend and not break. A way to glue back together pieces of glass that are already scattered on the floor. We think to ourselves that a few cuts will not be the end of us after all.
No one wants to be an easy quitter. However sometimes, sticking it out to the end could mean the end of our sanity.
In the song Burning Bridges, Sigrid explicitly tells us how to know when to let go. If you start to become a shredded version of the person you once were, perhaps it’s a perfect time to move on.

‘It’s a good thing that I’m terrified.’

 Fear can be awful. It may cause us to panic and scratch our heads in confusion. With our beating hearts in our throats, we may feel it is best to stay put in our comfort zone. But is there a thing worth doing if there’s no risk of getting hurt?

‘Let’s not decorate the sadness, let’s just rip off the band-aid’

When you know, you know.
You know there’s no amount of noise that can fill up the silence. You know there’s no amount of sugar that can fix the bitter taste in your mouth – the more you pour in the more it becomes sour to the tongue. Sometimes, you must do yourself the favour of walking away. Future you will thank you later.

‘It had to break. I had to go. Cause it took me walking away to really know…’

There are parts of ourselves we learn to really see only after we’ve let go. When we face ourselves, only then may we know ourselves.

‘I just changed, I never pretended.’

After we move on, we may find ourselves trying to justify the reasons we did what we did. Our choices may not make sense to everyone else. The peace, I guess, will come from the truth that we were living honest to our feelings. Maybe, that’s okay and enough.

‘It feels like I’ve been waiting to surrender. Like it’s easy to fall.’

Choosing a different path to walk on is the hardest part at first. It may leave us feeling vulnerable in unfamiliar territory.
Once we take the jump, falling gets easier. We begin to feel at home even in the places we visit along the way.

‘Tears running down my face. Till he looks back and turns it up all the way…’

When you’re down in the dirt, you will find people who are ready to go out of their way to help you feel better. They hold your hand and pull you back up, expecting nothing in return. If you don’t find comfort in a person, you’ll most definitely find it in music.

‘Anyone would be lucky to make just one mistake like you.’

Sometimes, we don’t regret our mistakes. The same mistakes that kept us down and made us sad – there are times when those too leave a stain on our hearts. We look at them without regret or deep sorrow. Rather, we have gratitude for a time that once was; one we’d never go back to if we got the chance to.

‘It’s hard to find a place to hide, when you’re running from what’s inside’.

Perhaps, it’s time we stopped running.

‘How do you know when it’s time to grow?’

When it’s time to go, it may be time to grow. It is difficult to know when the perfect or right time is. Maybe there isn’t one.

‘I’m too young to worry now. I’ve got so much more to do. But when I run out of time, I want to know I’ve seen it through.’

Time waits for no one, and Sigrid knows this. I think we should all know this or at the very least be reminded of this. Every second counts as the hands on the clock run in a consistently cruel manner. Sometimes, you don’t get second chances, so live your life on a high note.

Have you heard the album yet? What’s your favourite track?

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