Travel Diaries: On The Plane To Italy

I’m now wondering what the people thought as I drifted through at the speed of light down the long corridors.
‘Excuse me, sorry” “Excuse me, sorr- thank you so much” “Sorry, excuse me”.
These were the words I uttered as I slid through catwalking bodies. One after the other; to the left and then to the right. If electric wheelchairs could be fined for speeding, well, I would have been contemplating just how I could dodge getting a ticket in my letterbox. Yet I was praying to God, hoping and wishing my chair could sprint a little faster than it already was.

I’m sure they knew why I was pleading that they make way. Perhaps, they could also relate to that dreadful sensation built up in my stomach. Maybe that’s why they all made way so graciously and smiled at me as I drifted past. Halfway through that aisle was gate number 8, hurrying right behind me were my sister and my mum carrying three cabin bags and a basket full of worries.

They couldn’t quite catch up to me so at some point they stopped trying to.

Thanks to the gust of wind created by the velocity I was going at my ponytail swung and fluttered. I couldn’t help but think back to this morning and how we did everything on time to guarantee a smooth-sailing trip.

Then I think back to the news I had read many times in the weeks leading up to this and thought to myself, “I guess the chaos in the airports is real…” I should have really seen this coming.

After waiting in line at security for over an hour and racing to the gate like it was that of heaven closing in on us, we made it.

A sigh of relief was let out. Or maybe it was several sighs let out in a hopeful sequence. The guys from assistance helped us get on the plane without a hitch and we bid them goodbye with the excitement we had pocketed in the midst of all the rush.

Now, it’s been over an hour now since we felt the stress subside. My window seat is number 4A, I’ve already had a few bites of not-so-tasty plane food and I catch glimpse of the last episode of Bridgerton from the girl’s phone screen in 4C. I wonder what’s going on in her mind as she perseveres with a straight face while watching those scenes that gave me all the feels during a midnight binge…

Crazy this is my first flight in two whole years.

I’m finally returning to the place I called home for the greatest part of my life. I’m looking forward to the changes as much as I’m looking forward to the old. I can’t wait to bump into familiar faces as much as I can’t wait to catch the growth behind their eyes. Really, I’m taking joy in the fact that I won’t be working for nearly over two weeks as much as I’m looking forward to watching my planned itinerary come to life. I’m looking forward to the food as much as I’m looking forward to the food!

It’s almost time for us to touch the ground, and as always, I’m not sure what the time ahead will yield. One thing is for sure though: I’ll be writing about it!

Ciao Italia – how I’ve missed you and can’t wait to see you.

Mi sei mancata. Tanto.

Your restless romantic roamer

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