Bitesize Wonders 26 – An Italian Getaway Edition


Hope it doesn’t make you too jealous, but I’ve been having the time of my life these last few days. The change in my posting activity on the gram which is certainly usually mild has been probably the deadest giveaway! Needless to say, the last four days have been filled with Bitesize Wonders I’d be silly not to catch or take stock of.

The journey here was a little tumultuous at first. As I recounted ‘On The Plane To Italy‘, our hearts were stuck in our throats when we believed there was a possibility we’d miss our flight. Being at a standstill for hours at security will do that to a person. My mum, sister, and I all had our cabin bags in hand, ready to submit to the examination of our belongings but our turn seemed to never come.
The lady in front of us, a young mom, murmured under her breath; “This is unbelievable…”. The couple that was allowed to cut the line much time before because their plane was due to jet off in 20 minutes were still unpacking and repacking gadgets into their luggage. I couldn’t help but wonder where the nice destination they intended to go was and if they had begun thinking about affordable alternatives.

Obviously, after much worry, complaints triggered by desperation and breathless rushing, we made it! That’s certainly a Bitesize Wonder worth celebrating!

It’s only been a few days, but I’m already having the most fun I’ve had this entire year. I promised to catch moments of pure magic and trap them on a page this year. It’s been a very easy thing to do on this Italian getaway. These are my Bitesize Wonders this week:

  • Finding just what you need in an instance while doing a last-minute shopping session before embarking on the journey. My skincare routine is sorted.
  • What to eat on the plane may not include the best selection – or good selection. Feeling dizzy and starving is not a doable alternative, so I pick a sandwich nonetheless. It is the third option I select as my top picks are not available anymore. I also get a pringle and a can of coke as my safe bets. Let’s dig in, shall we?
  • The golden sunset comes down on Milan as the pilot lands the plane. “Ciao Italia! Feels good to be back home”, I whisper as I stare out the window.
  • Dessert. More dessert. And more dessert.
  • Laughing out loud in a near-empty sushi place. We promise ourselves there will be no leftovers because there can be no leftovers. We refuse the extra charge and in turn roll our sleeves up to partake in an all-you-can-eat marathon. Turns out all I can eat isn’t what I thought I can eat. Teamwork makes the dream work though. The plates are wiped clean, and the food has us weary and a little delirious. I’ll never order more than I can chew ever again”, I say to myself
  • A nostalgic stroll around my childhood neighbourhood. We roam around the old park nearby that was host to many birthday parties. We stand in front of the gate on the exact postcode I used to call home. It’s past midnight and the only thing lighting our way are the streetlamps. It still says 3/E on the worn-out yellow walls. I recite the address to see if I still remember it fully. Of course, I do.
  • Midnight drives down empty roads. We are not going anywhere specific. Maybe we’re going everywhere. Music blasts through the speakers and the time goes slow and fast all at once.
    I know in the moment that there’s wonder in this simple moment. BIGBANG’s ‘Made’ is the soundtrack on the way back. I’ll remember this Bitesize Wonder forever.

Your restless romantic roamer

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