Postcards from Italy

Buongiorno my lovelies! I’m writing to you from a very sunny Italy…

It’s been exactly a week since we departed from Manchester, I wrote ‘On The Plane To Italy‘, and now I’m indulging in all things I’ve missed in the past two years. It’s obvious there’s so much I missed – a unique sense of community, mouth-watering food, and clear skies all the time!

In my previous post, I mentioned how I’ve had more fun here in the last few days than I’ve had in the last few years. I was just being honest. Some may say that isn’t too difficult to believe given the events we endured collectively in the last two years. It’s quite possibly a miracle many of us still find the strength to get out of bed day in and day out. From a global pandemic to a despicable war to a cost of living crisis. Seems we just can’t catch a break, so I decided to catch a break!

Being back home in Italy has been nourishing my soul, mind, and spirit. I’ve been away for what felt like forever, but I’ve been able to get comfortable so quickly as though slipping back into old shoes. 
Old buildings were torn down and new ones were raised up to the sky. Businesses that once considered me a ‘regular’ are long gone and new owners invite me in to take a look – I do.

For the most part, I’ve just been relaxing. As you know, my family moved from the house I grew up in years back so this is my first time staying in our new place.

Everything has changed, but everything feels the same nonetheless. 

Unlike other places I’ve been to, I’m not a ‘tourist’ in this small town I’m in. I speak to its residents with ease in a language my brain remembers more and more the more I use it. While I needed the help of google maps the first time I went out that was no longer the case on my way back because the town is so small it could fit in the palm of my hand.
Its name is Cerano and I could bet a million euros you haven’t heard of it before. When I asked my friend what there was to do here, she looked me straight in the eyes and burst out laughing. That was answer enough.
Well. it’s in Piedmont, not too far from Milan, a city which, unlike Cerano, I’m sure you’ve heard of before. 
I spent my first 7 days in Italy, hugging friends again, touring restaurants like I’m searching for a gold mine, and carrying paper bags around neighbouring towns filled with things I couldn’t let go of in stores. 

My holiday runs for just over another week and there’s much left to tick off on the itinerary. This first week was very much about catching up on the life I had put on pause here. It’s been healing and fun all at once.

I captured some moments and froze them in time in pictures. Here’s a photo diary of what I’ve been up to:

Your restless romantic roamer

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    1. Italy is definitely where my heart is and a must-see in my humble opinion, but I’m sure most people would agree really. You should absolutely go if you can! Thank you so much for reading.

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