Bitesize Wonders 27 – An Italian Getaway Edition II


I sent you my Postcards From Italy only a few days ago and I hope they found you well. It’s nearly been two weeks since I arrived and like I said many times already, I’m having the best time here. It’s about time I shared some more Bitesize Wonders with you…
Last Sunday, I shared the first highlights from my Italian getaway and there was still much I didn’t get to share with you. I’m having a really fun time catching up with the life I once had here as well as the people I love dearly. It’s safe to say, this week was no exception!

I got to see even more familiar faces for the first time in over two years. My sisters and I went on a day trip to see a few islands. Getting to taste even more delicious food was a welcome part of the experience, and I witnessed even more of the beauty Italy has to offer.

There’s been so much magic in my days lately, and while I created the Bitesize Wonders series to intentionally pursue gratitude, it’s not been hard at all in these circumstances. These are my Bitesize Wonders:

  • Melting gelato to soothe my tongue on a red-hot day. My flavours of choice? Fior di latte (milk cream) and pistachio.
  • Rare finds at the flea market. Now I have much to squeeze into my luggage when I leave!
  • More hugs. More kisses on cheeks. More hugs – I really missed my friends. I really did…
  • €1 for a 4-minute massage is easy to say yes to during my time at the mall we visited with a dear friend. We dipped our euros in the massage chair, allowed ourselves to get comfortable, and held on for the beautifully short ride. The perfect rest stop we needed before hitting the next spot!
  • Honest conversations that feel a little too grown up to be mine and bittersweet laughter.  I guess my friends and I are really adults now.
  • A girl’s trip to the Borromean Islands of Lago Maggiore in North Italy with my sisters. We first drove to the town of Baveno before making our way to the islands by boat. Our visit to Isola dei Pescatori was amazing and Isola Bella didn’t fall far behind either. I’ll definitely be giving you a full recap of events soon.
  • Fridge magnets. Costume name bracelets. Markets stalls. Outdoor restaurants. More tiramisù. A picture taken by a kind stranger. The laughs on the drive back. The soft wind that blows my hair out the window. A slow drift off to dreamland. I’ll remember this day too. 
  • Flipping the last page of the book is always the most satisfying feeling. A great holiday read.
  • A day spent indoors. Blinds rolled down but not to a point of complete darkness. The fan is on and spinning in both directions. The only thing on the itinerary for the day is recharging. Nothing else. 
    I binge-watch a series for the first time in a long time. Suck on an ice-pop till there’s nothing left of it. Take a nap that’s heavenly in ways I can’t explain. Place a home delivery order at Amy Sushi and breathe a sigh of relief when they say they accept card payments.

I’m feeling recharged. Where to next?

Your restless romantic roamer

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