A Million Reasons To Live…

Life gets away just like that. It gets away like quicksand. It gets away like a sweet dream after sunrise. It gets away like the tides after they’ve caressed your feet. As cruel as it is when you’re grasping at all the time you’ve lost like soggy paper straws. As kind as it is when you realise time did heal that nasty wound you thought would be yours forever like… 

But wait. What stays yours forever? 

Not the love from a flickering heart that can switch on and off in a passing moment or a second thought. Not the memory you swore would cling unto you like a tattoo inked in with profound meaning. Now it fades in and out; sometimes a vivid painting, others an abstract fantasy, or is it now a distant dream? Not the time that once felt like yours for the taking; an imminent youth – glory days to waste away. Now you know better; that time only belongs to time and no one else.

So life gets away just like that. It slips through even the firmest fingers like sand. It gets away fast like a good time that’s still a little blurry even after the come-down. 

Life gets away quick like a fast train on the worst grey morning. I can think of about a million reasons to live…

Your restless romantic roamer

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