Bitesize Wonders 31

It’s been quite one heavy week here in the UK. The passing of the Queen has left a bitter sting in the air. May she rest in peace.
I’ve lived here long enough to fully understand the royal family’s full impact, and I am aware this is a difficult time for many. It’s a season I’m certain will bring up to the surface unresolved emotions about grief that have been buried deep underneath. During this period, I’m sure we’ll all be remembering someone that’s no longer with us and needing even more Bitesize Wonders to keep us in a healthy state of mind.

These past few years have been one unprecedented event after another; a series of life-altering earthquakes that leave us emotionally distraught time and time again. Seems this chapter too will be a thick one in the history books…

Whilst things continue to crumble around us, I continue to find solace in those beautiful little big things. Hence, I remind myself that even on the darkest nights the moon can guide me towards safer places. I remind myself of lights at the end of tight tunnels and glimmers of hope in desperate situations.
It’s the little things that keep me smiling. As I grow older and face adulthood that rushes by fast, I’ve noticed the key to happiness is holding onto them tight. I call them Bitesize Wonders, and I’m on a mission to catch them all and trap them on a page. Therefore, here are a few little moments of pure magic from my week: 

  • Catching a glance of a rainbow after an intense downpour did not fail to take my breath away. It’s a bit strange realising it was nearly a perfect two years ago a rainbow exchanged my fears with hope. I will take that as a sign.
  • That beautiful moment I failed to capture on a phone screen. Some moments are better saved in the corners of my memory than on a pocket-sized device. 
  • A soulful rap verse over a piano ballad. Perfection it is.
  • Tense emotions that lead to words pouring out in a rush like the rain I can see from the window falling on the pavement. It’s words I write to myself. Words that are urgent and imminent – the kind that’s honest, raw, and shouldn’t fall upon deaf ears. It serves as a reminder that there are a million reasons to live. Click here to read those important words.
  • The sushi saga continues. This time around, my sister and I drag my mum with us into town to taste some delicacies at YO! sushi. Maybe we were really excited to hear what she thought of it as she tried it for the first time. Maybe we were just searching for an excuse to have another salmon platter already. Whatever the reason, a light-hearted overdue mother-daughters date was just what I needed this week. 
  • Winning a round in the ongoing battle between procrastination and I. Completing all the admin tasks on my to-do list has left me with a great sense of satisfaction I’ll admit.
  • A night closing in on the couch with a movie I can’t decide how I’d rate in terms of quality. Is it scripted by a genius or an excruciating disaster? Something tells me if I have to wonder then it’s probably a far cry from a masterpiece. Nonetheless, there’s laughter and more laughter, and even more… A bad movie can bring joy too I conclude.

Your restless romantic roamer

Share your Bitesize Wonders with me in the comments below! I’m can’t wait to know what made you smile this week…!

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