Bitesize Wonders 36 – The Time Off Edition

It’s not even midnight, but it feels like it right now. As I write to you, I’m listening to the album with the current most first-day streams in Spotify history. It sure is a great week to be a Swiftie. I’m in no lavender haze myself, but I’m sure I can find some Bitesize Wonders to share with you nonetheless.

Taking a week off last week was less of a spontaneous decision and more of an imminent necessity. The situation happened to take me off guard. At one point I was going by as normal, speaking to clients on the phone. The next thing I knew, I was sneezing. Once. Twice. And then it didn’t stop. My head would violently shake with each aggressive sneeze and from there, things only escalated further. A runny nose, a ticklish cough and an elevating temperature – all fun stuff really!

So, I took a week off work, and another to aid in full recovery. It was lots of fluids, gingers and lemons, pills and disgusting potions, and a lot of time spent under warm hoodies and duvets. 

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, I promise. There were movie binges, daily schedules tossed to the side, catching up with friends through lengthy WhatsApp voice messages, and offline time from social media as well as work. My time off work was definitely much appreciated, and I’m not yet done processing the reality that I have to be back at my desk on Tuesday morning. I’d rather dance to ‘Karma’ playing through my google speakers than think about that too much though…

On the note of thinking about good things only, it’s time I share with you some of the Bitesize Wonders that kept me smiling through boxes of tissues or chesty coughs. I love to catch moments of pure little magic in my week and trap them on a page. These are the moments that made me even an ounce of happy lately:

  • A burst of hazy sunshine that leaves its marks on the bathroom tiles on a chilly morning. Bound to fade away too soon, but for now, it makes me think for a second: “This can be a good morning too”.
  • Crunchy nuts, a silver spoon and a ceramic deep bowl. A triangle-shaped slice of bread filled with smooth spreadable Nutella. Breakfast served! 
  • Gross concoctions and bitter potions. They alleviate the discomfort and aid the slow healing. Sometimes, bitter pills are just like ugly truths; hard to swallow but imperative. 
  • A doctor’s sick note that signs me off work for another week. I’ll take it!
  • Movie marathons that turn a sick day into a fun day. Laughter, anger and empathy are just some of the raw emotions I’m left with when I watch each ending credit scroll through. Rachy’s Radar returned to the blog earlier this week where you can find the list of movies I watched and my ratings of them.
  • Heartfelt smiles as I pass through the Etihad Stadium once more. No, it’s not the giant posters of players that have me showing all my teeth as I reminisce in silence. I’m no fan of football nor do I recognise a single player on the billboard. I fix my eyes on the spot instead. The spot where I met my favourite singer earlier this month. It still feels like a dream. A dream indeed… 
  • Red velvet cake and pistachio cupcakes. My mum’s birthday week was filled with tempting delicacies and sweet treats. 
  • I gathered the biggest lessons on ‘How To Let Go’ from Sigrid’s album earlier this year and lately I’m been jamming to it again. Re-visiting old tunes that make both my body and mind move– a bitesize wonder I gratefully appreciate. 
  • The first sigh of relief as I feel my symptoms dissipate from my body slowly. I’ll keep these two weeks in mind for a while. Good health is a beautiful wonder too. I’m grateful I’m on the other side.

Your restless romantic roamer

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