Bitesize Wonders 41

It’s official! By this time next week, most of us will be gathered around the tree with Mariah Carey playing in the background and laughter echoing in the living room. At least, that’s the kind of Christmas we’ll all be hoping to enjoy – the kind featured in warm adverts and wholesome movie scenes. If there’s a time to capture Bitesize Wonders, some may say this is the perfect season to do so.

For most of us, Christmas might not look as sensationalised as it does when drawn up from a carefully crafted script. For some, it might be a time that brings up pure dread and feelings of loneliness. To others, it may be a season that means absolutely nothing at all.

For the first time in a while, I can say with confidence that I’ve had a great year so far. There were countless moments that made my heart flutter this year, so I won’t be greedy and ask for more.

The next time you’ll catch me listing Bitesize Wonders on a freezing Sunday morning, we’ll already be settled into a new year feeling the buzz of a new beginning. There are going to be resolutions, big plans and a boost of motivation that only appears when faced with the prospect of another 365 days to fill up.

My year was marked with thrilling adventures and memories I’ll be looking upon fondly for a long time to come. Some moments of pure magic happened to me without obvious rhyme or reason whilst I had to create others myself.

At times the good parts were buried under a whole pile of bad parts, and I had to go digging to pull them up to the surface. 

One thing I’m certain contributed to my positive perspective in the year was my decision to hold on to the good parts of my every day for a little longer. Writing down the little joys that brought a smile to my face or the big wins that left it there enabled me to find the glass half full again. When I made intentional gratitude one of my main goals at the start of the year, I don’t think I really knew just how much it would affect my days.
Looking back, I’m rather surprised I actually did it and doing so all year round was no easy feat. Finding reasons to be grateful was easier on certain days than it was on others. There were times when the idea itself felt too distant and far off. At times the good parts were buried under a whole pile of bad parts, and I had to go digging to pull them up to the surface. 

Even when you can’t see it in an instant, if you look around some more, I assure you’ll they’re there – the Bitesize Wonders staring back at you!

What are you grateful for as we step into the festive season?
Happy Holidays!

Your restless romantic roamer

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