Bitesize Wonders 43 ~ A Sunday Gratitude Journal

Hello fellas! What do you say we have our usual Sunday rendezvous right now…?

Hmm, in one word my week was pretty chill really. I made my way into the real world less than a handful of times, and whilst I’m sure I should have forced myself into taking that walk I kept putting off, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy my week as a homebody. I’m sure you guessed already that there were still Bitesize Wonders to be found within familiar walls.

This week I found beauty in the smallest things and prepared for new beginnings. These are the little big things that made me even one ounce of happy lately:

  • That precise moment in the shower the water goes from lukewarm to hot. Feels perfect every single time.
  • Spending an entire day in cosy pyjamas. Messy hair, ankle socks, bare face, and no bra. Effortless comfort. 
  • That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” – Jhumpa Lahiri
    Picking up the very first book of the year has taken me all the way to Japan, where I’m happy getting lost in a strange café hidden within the pages of ‘Before the coffee gets cold’. 
  • The sound of rain hitting just right like pebbles on the window. Free ASMR after the lights go out.
  • Fitting into old jeans.
  • Visiting the Backyard Cinema that opened up in Manchester for the first time was easily the highlight of my week. The cosy ambience and unique cinema experience were worth the overpriced food.
  • Third times that are indeed the charm. A much-needed reminder to hold on and try again. “Keep trying because next time could be that time.”
  • The look in the eyes that even from across the screen still says the words you need to hear: “I care”, “I’m here”, “I care”.

Your restless romantic roamer

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