Great Binge-worthy TV Shows I’ve Been Loving Lately

While most people remember the phases of their lives by the fading colours within seasons, I, on the other hand, remember them by the shows I am watching. I won’t deny I’m a TV show junkie and don’t feel one bit bad about that! Should I…?

I love watching a story unfold before my eyes. With every single episode; watching the layers come apart piece by piece has to be my favourite part. I guess from a writer’s perspective, I get curious as to how a show gets written, thought out and planned. The excitement I get watching it all come to life sure does keep me entertained.
Lately, I’ve been hopping from one TV show to another, and in some cases, I’ve been watching two simultaneously. 

Today, I will be sharing a few shows I’ve been hooked on lately. I mean, why keep it to myself when I can suck you straight into pyjama lazy days on the sofa and in front of a glowing screen!? Here are some binge-worthy TV shows I’ve been enjoying lately:

The Resident.

As medical dramas go, The Resident has recently become one of my favourites. It follows a ballsy and strong-headed Conrad Hawkins through the corrupt walls of Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. As a resident internist, Conrad will stop at nothing to save his patients, even if it means unorthodox or unconventional methods to do so.

Whilst, what truly drove me to speed through the first few seasons was the rage I felt towards the healthcare system as portrayed in the show, that’s not what kept me hooked to the show.

With every good medical drama, I think the key is to make characters the audience feels they know and trust. It gets very old real quick watching doctors, episode after episode, perform “miracle” procedures on “hopeless” patients so without likeable well-written characters the show would fall flat in no time.
There’s something about the people who come to work at Chastain every single day that has me rooting for them. Others, I sometimes wish the writer would accidentally forget their purpose and kill them off! Then, I remember karma is real, especially in drama land, so I sit back down and relax. 

Whilst bingeing The Resident I have experienced an array of emotions ranging from anger to fear to hope. I’ve shed real tears a few times and have seen the corners of my lips tilt up in the reflection of my screen countless times.
I’m currently making my way through season six now, and although Disney plus keeps me on my toes by releasing only one episode a week, I’d highly recommend it. 

Reborn Rich.

Did I have high expectations for this drama? Yes. Did it disappoint? No. Or should I say not yet…

At this point it’s a hardcore fact, Song Joong-ki dramas are always so satisfying to watch. All except for The Innocent Man, of course, which was a trainwreck in my opinion. Yet, for the love of Vincenzo, I’ll just pretend that never happened.
When I heard Reborn Rich would be airing, well, I was more than ready for 16 hours of binge-worthy television. I wasn’t wrong.

Yoon Hyun-woo is a devoted employee who works for a giant conglomerate in South Korea, but when he’s betrayed and murdered by them, he’s reborn as one of their own.
Sweet revenge and endless scheming, the show has more twists and turns than a racing track! No wonder, it had marvellous ratings when it aired. 

I will say, however, that I do have the last two episodes to watch, and while I have been able to successfully stay away from spoilers, I do know the ending angered a lot of fans. Hence, I’m excited, but somewhat cautious too.

Prison Break.

It’s older compared to every other show on my list, but maybe that’s why it’s so good!

Yes, I may be one amongst a few who had never seen Prison Break before, but now that I’m all the way into season 3, I think the hype is well deserved. Okay, maybe I’m a little obsessed too.
See, I’ve been bingeing this in-between pockets of my day whenever I can fit in. Every single episode has been so worth it, and best of all, aside from the flip phones and box computers, it doesn’t feel one bit out of date.

When Lincoln is sentenced to death after being accused of murdering the vice president’s brother, his brother Michael, a genius structural engineer crafts a plan to break him out of the maximum-security prison. To initiate his plan, Michael starts by filling his body with tattoos, robbing a bank, and ensuring he lands himself in the same prison his brother is held in. To say that is just the beginning is a wild understatement.

The show is action-packed, dark, and a whole lot of fun. So far, it’s had me asking “How far would I go for my brother?”.

Summer Strike.

I’m sure we’ve all imagined it at some point. What it would be like doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. 
What would you do if you could escape your every day, head somewhere sunny and do absolutely nothing – nothing at all?

When Lee Yeo-reum decides to strike after the worst period of her life, she sets a goal that most people can only think of; to do nothing at all. She quits her job and exchanges the big city for a small town.  There she meets a librarian named Ahn Dae-beom who also escaped the life he once had.

When I started this show, I will admit I thought I was in for something relaxed and chill. Whilst it was funny in parts – especially when witnessing the budding awkward romance between introverts – it also had its dark moments too.

The Bold Type.

I’ll never understand why The Bold Type didn’t blow up as much as it should have when it was still airing. It had all the magic I look for in a good TV show. Also, it felt so current and timely, I fell in love with the show in an instant.

Jane, Kat, and Sutton are best friends navigating the wildlife that only New York City can bring. They work in different departments at a women’s magazine called Scarlet where they strive to prove themselves in their jobs and personal lives too. Their lives are messy and as uncomfortable as their truths.

Sadly, the show didn’t make it past five short seasons, but whenever, I miss the girls I put the show on again and rewatch their shenanigans in the city that never sleeps all over again.

Have you watched anything exciting lately? Share it with me in the comments down below.

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