Bitesize Wonders 44 ~ A Sunday Gratitude Journal

I’ve been juggling a few things all at once lately.
It’s a bit overwhelming; almost as though all my hands are full, and I might need a third one to stay afloat. I’ve tried my best to hold onto that new year motivation, but I think that may one of the many things slipping through my fingers… But I am as hopeful as I am busy so that’s something. Frankly, I’m in need of a bit of positivity and what other way to refocus than to take a moment to retrace the Bitesize Wonders in my recent days?

Even in a week where I found more ghosts and disruptive thoughts filling my days, there were still moments of pure magic keeping me going, nonetheless. These are the little big things that made me even one ounce of happy during the week: 

  • No skip albums. The type you replay, over and over again, till every word gets mouthed instinctually and every hidden beat in the track is loud and clear. I love a great no-skips album.
  • The one streetlamp across the window that shines a light on the slow-falling snow. “Please let it be white…”, I silently pray from my bed.
  • Securing last-minute concert tickets to a show I can’t wait to see. A scheduled Bitesize Wonder for the week ahead.
  • That feeling of pride and accomplishment after feedback praising a job well done. Gives me the strength to push forward. 
  • Friends who go out of their way and beyond to do favours. When you find a good one, keep them close. 
  • The email I’ve been desperately waiting to receive for over a month. It tells me exactly what I needed: “Your order was successfully shipped!”. Took long enough, but I’ll take the little wins wherever I can get them.

What have been your moments of pure magic lately? Share your Bitesize Wonders in the comments below.

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