Bitesize Wonders 49 ~ A Sunday Gratitude Journal

Happy Easter folks! Hope you’re enjoying the holidays and some time off work. It’s been over a month since I sat down to write a list of Bitesize Wonders. As you could probably tell then, I was rather overwhelmed at the time and could barely find time for what I love the most – catching up with you.

As I told you two days ago, I’m in a much better place right now and have been cooking up some fun content ideas over the next couple of weeks ahead. I hope you’re excited about that!

My birthday is only 2 days away, and whilst I’ve ordered some delicacies to satisfy my sweet tooth, I genuinely have no plans for the first time. Also, I’ll be working too as I didn’t manage to get a day off as I normally would so that is a bit of a bummer.

There’s still so much to be grateful for on a day like this. Around here I like to celebrate little joys or as I like to call them, Bitesize Wonders, every Sunday.
Whilst I began doing so to remind myself that the glass is nearly always half full at a time when I was becoming too jaded to see it, it’s become a habit I’ve learnt to keep. So, I capture simple moments of magic and trap them on a page. There are always Bitesize Wonders around, you just have to want to see them. Here are the little big things that made me even one ounce of happy the past few days:

Rachy picture in Restaurant smiling
  • The end of a chapter. The beginning of another. A transitional phase where the future is looking a little brighter than it did not too long ago.
  • I PASSED!! Glad to say I’m now a certified digital marketer. Who would have thought?
  • The short-lived high gotten from a satisfactory attempt at retail therapy. The feeling may not last forever, but seeing the item in my bag brings me joy enough.
  • “Yo, did you guys notice we all wore black, how odd…” someone comments observantly. Big laughs and inside jokes as we wait impatiently for our food to be set before us. There is nothing better than togetherness around one table.
  • Securing tickets for a nearly sold-out show in the summer. I’m ready to sing my lungs out – I always am.
  • Movie-marathon Saturdays. Now that I’ve rewatched all three movies from the John Wick franchise, I’m ready to go see the latest in cinemas. Never not ready for some action. 
  • The sunlight’s glow marking the bathroom tiles golden. The fresh breeze breaking in through the window. Spring is here indeed.
  • A day full of solo adventures only. Maybe, I’m no longer too shy to seat at a table alone in a room full of coupled people. Is this adulting…?

What little things are bringing you joy lately?

Your restless romantic roamer

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