Bitesize Wonders 48 ~ A Sunday Gratitude Journal

If I could paint you a visual of where I am these days it would look a little similar to this.
I’m sat in a messy room – the messiest I’ve been in so far. There’s a window, so things aren’t all that hopeless, however, it’s jammed and doesn’t open. Light is coming through it, but I can’t feel it on my skin, nonetheless. The large pile laying on the desk is ceiling-high, and I’ve always been too short to reach the top. Some of us were not gifted with height when genetics were being shared. 

On the other side of the room, water is coming through from underneath the door, and what was once a cute little puddle is becoming a mighty flood. I could just get up and walk out the door, right? Well, I’ll let you know when I find the energy necessary to do so…

Although things slowed down last week, that didn’t last very long as the pace of things picked right back up at high speed again.

Yes, I’ve been busier than ever lately, but there’s no part of being busy I’d like to glamourise. There’s no glamour to be found in constant tiredness or lack of sleep. There’s nothing glamorous about drooping many balls at a time as I juggle too many at the same time. At this point, I’d recommend absolute rest to a stranger, and I know I should probably take my own advice, but I’m on a time crunch with fast-approaching deadlines.

The latest catch-up blog will let you in on all the projects I took on lately, but my digital marketing course is taking up much more space than I imagined and will be till the end of March.

Whilst I count down the days eagerly, I better take the time to trap some Bitesize Wonders on a page and remember some of the good in the world. The little big things have been keeping me up and running. To be frank, I’m not in a complete spiral just yet, because I still find reasons to be grateful. So, here it goes. Once again, these little things have been keeping me even one ounce happy:

  • Brighter mornings. Sunshine coming through warm from the bathroom window. The passing happy thought: “Maybe, I don’t really need a winter jacket – a blazer might do”.
  • Finding safe haven in a buzzing city’s coffee shop. Another large cup ~ please ~ and a whole lot of screen time!
  • Wow! You’re so grown now…” The passing of time always becomes way more apparent when faced with the nearly adult face of someone you first knew before they had their first teeth come in. Time sure flies…
  • A kind message from someone who supports my work even from afar.
  • Progress. Even the smallest kind that pushes me into a new area, a new stage, a new place. 
  • The stranger in the coffee shop who offers to buy me a coffee because I caught their eye. I declined politely, but can’t lie, it made me feel a little too good.
  • Pulling last night’s takeaway out of the fridge. It always tastes better the day after. Is that scientific at all?

Your restless romantic roamer

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