Bitesize Wonders 45 – The Catch-Up Edition

Funny how when you finally admit something to yourself, it becomes a lot more real. Like something tangible that can be felt on bare skin. Something that’s fully formed and experienced.
It was exactly two weeks ago that we last met like this. I found Bitesize Wonders then too, but I also exposed my sleeves by coming clean about the fact I’d been feeling overwhelmed lately. Typing those words out felt rather liberating because they couldn’t have been more true. But I guess that was the first step that would enable me to do something about it, right? Well, not so fast…

I won’t go as far as to say I have a handle on my life again just yet but taking a much-needed week off the blog sure did help. One thing off my plate but I was still left with a thousand others to tick off!

Of course, you may be wondering; “But Rachy, what’s keeping you super occupied anyway?”. This would lead me to reply: “A couple of things actually…”.
I realise I haven’t let you in on my life lately, so before I share the Bitesize Wonders I’ve enjoyed in the last fortnight, I believe a quick catch-up is well long overdue.

I still work from home during my weekdays, but in the last couple of weeks, there have been a couple of changes in management, which has meant there’s been much confusion and doubts surrounding some aspects of the future. Furthermore, in recent weeks, I added a few more things to my basket that are making my days a lot heavier than they once were. 

Last December, I enrolled in a digital marketing course designed to help me with a career shift. Getting accepted was a source of pure joy, but I guess the reality of juggling it with work wasn’t as rosy. Whilst it eats up a huge chunk of my time, it’s not the only thing doing so.

At the start of the year, I decided I’d open up a YouTube channel. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but never found the confidence within myself to create video content. But I was like: “Heck, we only live once, right?”
The good news is my channel is officially UP and READY to go!! The better news is my first video is coming REAL real soon!! Can’t say I know what I’m doing, but I’m ready to find out as I go!

The process of planning, coming up with ideas and learning to edit videos has definitely been eye-opening in more ways than I imagined. To put it simply, I have a newfound respect for YouTubers.

These are just some of the things keeping me occupied lately; a whole host of unfamiliar journeys I’ve embarked on without much of a roadmap.
Always keeping me going has been the little joys in my life that do wonders even on the most stressful of days. The moments of pure joy I don’t always see coming but make every second alive just a little more worth it. The casual happenings that cause gratitude to flow through easily and freely like a river. 
In the last fortnight, I’ve had sleepy eyes and bags right underneath them, but it hasn’t only been from the work I’ve been doing, but also the endless fun I’ve had too. These were the Bitesize Wonders keeping me even one ounce of happy:

  • The sigh of relief when faced with a long flight of stairs on a night out, but just before I begin to calculate and rearrange plans in my head, a voice calls to me: “There’s a lift on that side!” …And we’re in!
  • Arcade games that pull out a competitive side to me I forgot I had within. I lost anyways, but not without a fight!
  • Change that sweeps me off my feet and causes my world to spin. It’s daunting, but there are lessons and growth and stories to tell. So, I try to remember this. That there’s beauty in change too.
  • Starting an evening with strangers or bare acquaintances and ending the night with new friends.
  • Aah… the taste of fresh water from a ‘just cleaned’ water filter. 
  • It takes me back to that long-lost university experience of meeting tight deadlines and chasing rewarding grades, but acing a project and being showered with compliments feels great even now.
  • The 2-hour evening nap that fully resuscitates a slow-draining me on the verge of collapse. Waking up with more than a half-full green bar is as good as it will get, and I’ll take it!
  • A strange comforting experience of finding refuge in an empty restaurant where you get to call dibs on any seat in the room. The only noise coming from the chatty staff members across the room and the authentic 80s music playing through speakers I can’t really see. The food comes steaming hot and I chat away indiscreetly with my company because there’s no one else there to hear us. I joke around about how ‘the only ones there aside from us may be ghosts’. We laugh it off and I wonder if they can hear us…

Your restless romantic roamer

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