Bitesize Wonders 53 ~ A Sunday Gratitude Journal

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If only I could bottle up the calm before the storm, then my week would have gone so much better. Could I take those moments when I still felt an ease and store in a jar tagged ‘save for later’? Would I be able to breathe in the comfort it may bring on a rainy day? Somehow, despite the heated sun, it felt like the rain didn’t cease this week…
I failed to get something I really wanted, and that loss tainted my entire seven days. Rejection stings to the core but knowing the clock cannot be turned back hurts even more. It’s worse in these scenarios; being an overthinker. Replaying every action, redrawing every step, repackaging every desire – I couldn’t help but wonder what role I played in my loss and how I could have turned things around in my favour. 

I know. I know. You came to read a Sunday gratitude journal today and not some sappy candid diary entry about how things aren’t really going the way I wanted them to lately. You came for a list of Bitesize Wonders; little joys I like to trap on a page as a reminder of all the simple moments of pure magic around me. Frankly, I nearly decided not to share any Bitesize Wonders with you today, but I decided to last minute. Why? You may wonder…

Isn’t it for this reason I started this series anyways – to find clear moments of calm within the raging storm that is life?

As you know, I detest fake positivity, but even in the midst of it all, regardless of whether I’m quick to admit it or not, there were still moments that set a fire of hope in me. There were still moments of pure magic; some were man-made, others were driven by fate. Here are some Bitesize Wonders I found in my week:

Some Bitesize Wonders…

  • Friends who lean in closer with words that remind you: “It’s just a bad day, not a bad life”. They remind me it’s okay to feel down, but that no feeling lasts forever. They tell me to feel it all, every drop of sad emotion. After that, I’ll get up and fight for my dreams again and I’ll feel the joy of winning, they say. I hold onto those words because I want to believe them.
  • A day off work that allows me space to gather my thoughts and clear the clutter in my mind. Sometimes, it’s best to embrace the art of doing nothing.
  • Alone time in the back garden. An ice-cold drink I let melt under the June sun and a book to transport me into another world where I’m not the main character. Is it entertainment or is it escaping? Perhaps it’s both. 
  • A long walk down the park that not only reconnects me with myself but with nature too. Might have had to travel nearly two miles to get to the gorgeous park, but it was worth every second of clarity.
  • Clearing the dust of my PlayStation controllers is always a great cue for a great evening. Being responsible for the K.O’s appearing on the screen isn’t a bad feeling either.
  • Finding the strength to take the next step towards plan b, because when a door closes there’s always another way out. I’ll let you know when I find my way.

If you are struggling with anything this week, remember these words:
“It’s just a bad week, not a bad life!”

Your restless romantic roamer

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