Bitesize Wonders 54 – The Weekend Getaway Edition

I’m feeling extra giddy as I punch these words on my keyboard. I’m currently hundreds of miles away from home and I can’t lie, I’m loving every second of it. I’ve told you this before, but I can’t stress how much I love every single thing about travel days – Bitesize Wonders and the messy race towards a life outside the confines of the daily routine. 

I’m currently in Coventry with my sister and today we’ll be taking on the city of Birmingham. Sabrina Carpenter’s show tonight was a great excuse to embark on a weekend getaway, and whilst we’ll be returning home tomorrow, I’m going to make the most of every single moment of this journey.

How has life been for me in the last 7 days? Isn’t it funny how life turns around, huh? Unlike last week, where I admitted it was more difficult to find little joys because of the circumstances around me, I’ve been pleasantly surprised this week. 

And no. Being on a weekend getaway was not the only thing that put a smile on my face. Rather, from the very beginning of the week on Monday so many things occurred that made me remember again and again, “Everything lasts for a season – even the bad days”.

You know me. I love to share Bitesize Wonders on Sunday mornings like these. I like to trap them on a page as a reminder of all the simple moments of pure magic around me. Here are little joys I encountered in my week.

Some Bitesize Wonders…

  • The email that pops up unexpectedly on a Monday morning. It’s not the stressful kind that adds to the pile of unticked boxes on the already lengthy to-do list. Rather, it’s the kind that brings positivity through a window again – a bit of hope in the inbox. I pocket that energy for the next few days to come.
  • Being on time to catch the bus. Being on time to catch the train. On time to check in to the hotel room too. And on time for a dinner reservation. All in one day? If you knew me, you’d know it’s no easy feat!
  • The kind stranger on the train who helps with the luggage for no other reason but to be kind. 
  • Big purchases that breed big joy. After three whole months of contemplating, I finally picked up my new vlogging Canon camera. The white one miraculously came back in stock right when I checked again to purchase, and it’s now found a home with me. 4K here I come! More YouTube videos coming soon – I promise.
  • Walking into the four walls of a spacious hotel room that’s about to be ‘home’ for a few days. The moment before you fill-up the presence in the room with your entire being. The moment you embrace the space as a temporary safe haven.
  • When the show is so bad the senseless plot twists become unintended comedy. At times, it’s so bad it’s so good.
  • A therapeutic cleaning session on a slow bright afternoon. Do you know much reflecting one can get done in between tile scrubs and file reorganising?
  • That one song that tries to escape your headphones and has you wanting to dance in public. I won’t be needing to hold it in tonight though.

I hope your upcoming week is as peaceful as the one I just had!
Remember, everything lasts for a season – even the bad days.

Your restless romantic roamer

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