Bitesize Wonders 55 ~ A Sunday Gratitude Journal

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My weekend getaway last week was just what I needed. Sunshine, good food, and a great live show by Sabrina Carpenter to wrap it all up. Bitesize Wonders and a little more. 

I was sad to watch the city I was just getting acclimated to slowly disappear from the train window, but I have another fun trip planned next month so I’ll be anxiously waiting for July. Patience is not something I practice regularly, but I just have to keep it together till then. 

Although I’m constantly thinking about escaping my daily routine, I’m back in full swing of things now. Yes, I’d rather be somewhere sunny where I don’t need to be in tune with alarm clocks and passing days of the week, but honestly, I’m doing good at the moment.

I live for the little things in life. This is why I collect moments of pure magic and trap them on a page each week. Perhaps they serve no purpose at all. Maybe, to some, it’s a useless practice or a waste of time.
However, someone out there may need a reminder that the little things matter still. Maybe, you need to remember that despite everything the cup is still half full and the page is still half empty. What will you write when you lock the pen between your fingers?

These are the little things that brought me joy this week – my Bitesize Wonders.

My Bitesize Wonders…

  • Catching the very last train. Eating the very last ice cream. Reading the very last page. 
  • Aimless evening walks and thoughtless roaming. Sometimes, you have to force yourself out of your comfortable four walls and reconnect with nature. Free medicine for the mind. 
  • Watching my favourite artists take centre stage is an experience that will never feel mundane. The kick of the drums. Enthusiastic cheers of a loving crowd. Raw vocals that give chills. A night tattooed on my memory for years to come.
  • Getting good news from loved ones. You cry in their despair. You celebrate their wins. It’s the way life goes.
  • The staff member who ran around the store looking for an item I couldn’t find and had even given up on finding. Humans that go above and beyond are real gems. They really are.
  • The lit-up screen that reminds me I am on their mind too. They could be doing anything else, but they thought of me.
  • The words of someone who believes in you more than you have the capacity to right now.

Have a great Sunday!

Your restless romantic roamer

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