Bitesize Wonders 62 ~ A Sunday Gratitude Journal

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Hello from here! And by here, I mean underneath the duvet in my cosy bed punching words on my keyboard with hopes I can string the sentences in my head together nicely. 
These days, it’s been taking me much longer to get out of bed. Not because I’m tired or not looking forward to some productive days, but because it’s just so dang cold. The switch-up in the weather recently felt so drastic even for England. I’m already pulling out hoodies rather than tops, choosing warm tea over iced drinks, putting on cosy socks almost all day long, and needing a blanket whenever I lounge lazily on the couch.

Nevertheless, I’ve been doing good. My time this week was spent indoors mostly, and whilst I didn’t do anything too special, I still found Bitesize Wonders in the everyday mundane. 

Celebrating moments of mundane gratitude is a practice I’ve learnt to keep. Here is my gratitude journal for finding happiness in small moments and these are little joys I encountered this week:

My Bitesize Wonders…

  • Switching off and tuning out. Sometimes you need to step away from all the noise to step back into yourself again. There is gratitude to be found even in solitude.
  • Finding a great series feels like a miracle this year so when I made the couch my escape and binge-watched every single episode of ‘Moving’ on Disney+, it was obvious I had found a little gem.
  • A “short nap” that turns into a good night’s sleep.
  • The little walk around the neighbourhood that clears your head and sets the tone for a good week.
  • Chunky tasty bites off my sister’s homemade pizza. A foodie’s happy place!
  • The sobering sound of rain softly hitting the pavement. There is always something so comforting about that.
  • Reuniting with a childhood best friend and catching up on the new, the old and the things lost in between.
  • Crime podcasts after midnight. There’s something eerie and spooky about listening to those stories play out in the dark, but I can’t seem to help myself!

What’s something that made you smile this week? Tell me in the comment section below!

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