London’s Hidden Gem: FIGO Italian Restaurant Review

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Sometimes, a good old day of aimless wandering is the best way to get acquainted with a big city. Likewise sometimes, moving with no direction can lead you to warm and pleasant surprises. Visiting the Italian Restaurant FIGO for a late lunch was one of those times I stumbled upon an unexpected pleasant surprise! Let me tell you all about it…!

Recently, I spent five whole days in London to attend three different concerts. On my only free afternoon, my sister and I decided a bit of shopping was in order, and somehow, we ended up in Stratford.

After roaming around the mall for longer than necessary, we decided to go on a hunt for a late lunch. That hot afternoon, the sun was hitting just right, the air was humid and all I wanted was a tasty bite to quench my hunger. As an Italian living in England, I’m always looking for reminders of home in unfamiliar places, and one of the ways I find them is by satisfying my food cravings with a little “piatto Italiano”. 

The Interior.

Even before peak time, at 4 p.m., the mood in FIGO stands out. The modern restaurant design uses warm vivid tones to create a cosy atmosphere. A lot of greens and browns are used to make the environment livelier which I love! Also, the entire room is naturally well lit up thanks to its street-facing glass doors that allow for a view of the busy London streets.

The Dishes.

From starters to pizzas, you’ll find many Italian classics on FIGO’s menu. I love that there is a variety of meals to choose from, and if I’m being candid, I struggled to choose what to eat. Left to my own devices, I would have loved a taste of everything, instead, I settled for their ‘Tagliatelle Veal Ragu’. My sister opted for ‘Spaghetti Mare’, and of course, we got ‘Calamari’ for starters.

The ‘Calamari’ was so tasty I almost ordered another. I do love well-made ‘Calamari’ in general, so when it’s really good I do admittedly give extra points.

Aside from the delicious pasta dishes (which they were!) FIGO’s menu also includes items like grilled steak or chicken, various types of pizzas and salads, and loads more.

Am I Going Back TO FIGO?

Sì! Of course, whenever I travel to London again, I’d love to try more dishes on the menu (hopefully soon!). My experience was positive overall. The staff were very welcoming, proactive and attentive. The mood was relaxed and commotion-free. Most important the dishes we had were the kind of tasty that makes you clean up your plate. 

Regarding pricing, that’s the only thing that stopped me for a second in my tracks. FIGO was definitely on the pricier side compared to other Italian restaurants I’ve been to in England so far and there is an extra service charge added to the final bill too. When it comes to the price I do understand it may just be the cost of living in London being higher than that in Manchester (where I live at the moment). I do believe Londoners may consider the price tag to be standard otherwise. Either way, I enjoyed my meal so didn’t mind paying full price for a great meal!

I’d love to visit a few more times to say for sure, but I think Ristorante Italiano FIGO might just be a great contender for my top choice so far for Italian cuisine I’ve had in England so far!

Rachy’s Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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