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I haven’t been well in the past few days, but I won’t let that bring me down from the high that was the last two weeks. A high fever and chesty cough took me hostage for days once I returned from London last week and so I’ve been on bed rest ever since. Whilst I did manage to post here and there while I was travelling, I know you missed the Sunday Gratitude Journal series and I’m sorry I couldn’t catch up on my Bitesize Wonders in real-time. 

It feels really good to be back typing from my bed again (official blogging office btw!) and I can finally catch you up on what I’ve been up to lately.

Two weekends ago, I got to be a bridesmaid in silky pink, and while I had been one of my sister’s bridesmaids, it was the first time carrying out the duty for a friend. It was a very remarkable highlight in my 20s that reminded me time is going by so fast.

It felt like while I was unpacking after the wedding, I was packing for another trip to London too. My trip to London was on the books even before I made plans to visit Paris earlier in the summer, so it was highly anticipated.

With not one, but three live concerts to attend, it’s obvious I was looking forward to it. There were various moments of Bitesize Wonders in my day to day recently so it’s time I share them with you. 

My Bitesize Wonders…

  • Pulling out the cosy socks from the back of the drawer for the first time in a long time. My feet sure love being hugged.
  • The rays of unexpected sun that shine over the already hopelessly grey city of Manchester. I allow myself hope it’s a sign the ember months will see brighter days…
  • Dress try-ons and rehearsals. Hotel rooms and anticipation. Hairdos and makeup dusted off brushes. Keeping it together and keeping composure. Bridesmaid duties are never stress-free, but they sure give a reason to celebrate.
  • More packing up and leaving. More roaming and getting lost in the maze of a big city. Getting to know London even more than before. I’m getting ideas… maybe – just maybe – I want to be there full-time.
  • Three concerts in five days. My last planned trip for the foreseeable future was everything I wanted it to be – and a whole lot of fun of course. Yes, I went from a hot KARD show on a Wednesday to a rather brilliant arena TWICE concert on a Friday and before I could catch up on enough sleep I was dancing to (G)I-DLE on Saturday. What can I say – you only live once!
  • Appreciating moments for what they are while screaming all the words at the top of my lungs. 
  • Food delivery after midnight might be the height of laziness but sometimes you just have to.
  • Pills and potions that ease the heaviness in my chest and the stuffiness in my nose. Feels good to breathe right again.
  • Catching sleep on the train is an art becoming too familiar to me. Oddly comfortable too. I can’t complain!
  • The first candle lit in September. Am I ready to let go of summer yet?

Your restless romantic roamer

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