Bitesize Wonders 64 ~ A Sunday Gratitude Journal

And just like that… it’s Sunday again! I hope your week was relaxing and full of fun adventures. If it wasn’t (it goes like that sometimes), I hope you’re making the most of today to rest and recharge before the start of the new week ahead.

Me, you ask? I’ve been taking each day as it comes and trying to freak out less over all the uncertainties life throws my way. When that doesn’t go my way either, I turn to Bitesize Wonders to help chase the blues away and remind me there are little slices of magic hidden in the everyday mundane. Here are the little things that brought me joy this week:

My Bitesize Wonders…

  • Late-night conversations that go on so long you forget there are oceans between you. Wholesome back and forths that make you forget that time is rushing by. Yes, those conversations are priceless.
  • Cosy familiar scents around the house. Hot instant coffee in a mug. Fresh laundry straight out of the dryer. Mum’s signature stew making its way up the stairs. The almost fully burnt candle lit up one last time.
  • The new pack of skincare essentials delivered at the door just before the last drop of moisturiser runs out.
  • Stopping for a little treat on the way back home just because… I told you all about Bunsik street food opening up in the centre of the city already, but whenever I’m passing by I cannot resist. On the bright side, I always leave with a smiley face. On the flip side, my wallet sheds a little tear. But I’m happy to pay the price for a bite of happiness!
  • Finally picked out a new book to read after Atomic Habits (read my review here). This time, I chose a title by Nicholas Sparks called ‘Dreamland’. I haven’t gotten deep enough in its pages to predict if I’m going to love it, but will deffo keep you posted on my thoughts someday soon.
  • More hours spent scrolling through Pinterest boards. Some more episodes to binge-watch – I am currently watching and loving ‘Delightfully Deceitful.’ More re-energising evening naps. Even more time spent doing what I love the most – crafting candid blog posts.

Have a lovely Sunday and have a great week ahead!

Your restless romantic roamer

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