The Perfect Night Stay: Manchester Piccadilly Hotel Review


It’s not every day I get to sleepover elsewhere in the city of Manchester. After all, I live here in the very heart of the busy city and haven’t needed to as I’ve decorated a perfectly cosy bedroom I never want to leave.
Recently, though I left my bedroom behind, and I got to spend a night in Manchester Piccadilly Hotel for the very first time. My friend was getting married and chose the city centre hotel as the bridesmaid’s hideout the night before the wedding. So, I packed a few essentials, tossed them in a cabin-sized suitcase, and headed out with my sister (also a bridesmaid) to enjoy some girl time with the bride-to-be. 

Checking In.

Upon arriving at the hotel, the first thing we did was of course check-in. It was already past 7 p.m. by the time we got there because we were both scheduled to work and could make it out any sooner. 
As my friend booked about 4 rooms, checking in was pretty quick and easy because not many details were required. We only had to fill out a quick form with a few details about wheelchair accessibility in case of an emergency or evacuation. My sister and I got assigned our room and we headed up through the lift on the left side past the front desk.

A Room For Two.

Manchester Piccadilly Hotel Review Standard Twin room single beds
Manchester Piccadilly Hotel oversized room chair and table

Ours was a Standard Twin room with 2 single beds and a sitting area. The thing that instantly caught my attention was just how spacious the room was. As someone who has been to many other 4-star hotels, it was something of note. 

The room was shaped like an ‘L’ having the beds at the very top creating space to move around freely which made for a very comfortable experience.

There was a round table paired with 2 oversized chairs in our room as well a flat-screen TV we didn’t bother watching. Some other great features worth mentioning were the air conditioning, tea maker, desk and hair dryer.

The view from our hotel room was facing the busy Manchester Road. Despite that, the noise coming through was barely noticeable and something we did not have to worry about at all.

The bathroom did not disappoint either. It was very clean, and its design was both minimalistic and modern which I liked. Also, our room had both a bath and a shower because… why choose?!

Due to all the last-minute wedding prep, we slept late that night. Whilst, the bed was pretty soft, I remember not being a big fan of the pillow. My sister found them comfortable though so might just come down to preference really. Either way, I drifted off rather quickly and slept perfectly well.


In between the rush of hair and make-up and pre-wedding jitters, we took turns heading to the breakfast lounge before it was time to drive off to the wedding venue. 

At the breakfast lounge, we were asked for our room number and were led to a table by the windows. It was all laid out like a buffet, and we had to pick whatever we wanted. The food selection was good and everything I had tasted amazing too. I had no complaints. The breakfast hit all the right spots and set me up for the very busy day ahead.

Manchester Piccadilly Hotel breakfast buffet selection

Wheelchair Accessibility.

When it comes to roaming around the hotel in a wheelchair, I found it to be fully accessible. There is a ramp at the entrance and elevators that lead up to the rooms and breakfast lounge too. All common areas are accessible as well. 

Whilst the room my friend booked didn’t necessarily have specific accessibility features, they do have adapted rooms with handrails and a roll-in shower. Please find more information on their website (here).

The hotel is really easy to get to as it’s just a minute walk from Piccadilly train station. It can also be easily accessed by buses which pass the area often.

Overall, my time in the Manchester Piccadilly Hotel made for the perfect overnight stay. Although I didn’t get to enjoy it due to my short time there, did I mention there is a Spa within the hotel too?! If you’re looking for a comfortable haven on your next visit to Manchester, I’d recommend Manchester Piccadilly Hotel.

Your restless romantic roamer

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