Bitesize Wonders 63 ~ A Sunday Gratitude Journal

Happy New Month! Odd, for it to already be time to leave September in the review mirror and embrace the month of October. The year is sure flying by and I’m trying really hard to keep pace with it. Not sure I’m doing a good job thus far.
September held so much good in it; there were countless Bitesize Wonders to cherish, and I can’t help but hope October turns out to be even better.

My life lately has been so relaxed – maybe too relaxed even. I’ve spent almost the entire week cocooned in the warmth of my home. While I might begin to crave some human interaction in my life sometime soon, I’ve been loving things a little slower at the moment. 

Of course, even in slow living, there are countless reasons for gratitude. I call them Bitesize Wonders. Here are the little things that brought me joy this week:

My Bitesize Wonders…

  • Clean autumn air seeping in through the window. Deep breaths and wide stretches. Feels like this morning will be a good one.
  • Digging through the wardrobe searching for the cosy items thrown in the back at springtime. It’s official. It’s hoodie season!
  • A bowl of greens and a belated Michelle Choi vlogs catch-up session. Her videos are so relaxing!
  • Knock-knock! Food delivery that arrives much earlier than expected. Cue the awkward happy dance.
  • A week of joyous celebration here on the blog. We celebrated 5 years of blogging this week, and it’s crazy to think I’ve been at it for so long! Of all the things I’m grateful for, I appreciate you all the most. Thank you for reading the blog and for coming back time and time again to follow my imperfect journey.

It’s your turn! Tell me something that made you smile a little this week in the comment section below! x

Your restless romantic roamer

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