Celebrating 5 Years of Blogging: A Journey of Growth

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Somehow, we are already here again. A place where I reminisce about that September just like this one when I decided to drive past fear and speed right through towards my dreams. I had no idea what I was truly doing, but I knew I wouldn’t know peace of mind if I didn’t try. I learnt then and there that not knowing it all didn’t mean I had to sit at a stop sign forever. It only meant I was embarking on a new journey of discoveries.

Damn! What a journey it’s been since that very first post precisely 5 years ago! Blogging has been a lot of things all at once. It’s been both a scary rollercoaster ride and a careless joyride. At times, I’ve felt comfortable at the wheel. Other times, I’ve lost control and watched the car spin out of control. I’ve driven at a steady pace in a straight line. I’ve also lost my way and got stuck in an endless maze of frustration too. There have been moments I’ve caught myself out in the wild and wondered just what on earth I was doing there. There have been times I’ve felt at home in my pixelated world where I call the shots and set the stage.

What’s the fuss about? It’s just blogging…”, you may be saying this to yourself right about now.

Well, it never was ‘just blogging’ to me. Even going back to all those years when I made the jump and started writing my very first draft, I knew it was something that meant more to me. 
I feared starting because it mattered to me as a form of expression and creation, and one I wanted to excel at. I didn’t know how, but I knew I wanted to do it for a very long time.

There’s this drive within me that keeps pushing me forward regardless of how the tides turn or how the industry changes. Some say, “blogging is so dead”. Others say, “There’s never been a better time to start a blog”. For me… I’m not sure it matters that much at the moment.

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As cliché as it may sound, turning up nearly every week to create keeps the fire in my heart well-lit up.

Regardless of whether I felt uninspired, lost, or stuck – which has happened many times before – I’ve always known I’d come back to these very pages. At worst I can always write about it, right?

Celebrating five years of blogging feels entirely strange. It’s like I blinked and was transported from those final hormonal university days and landed straight into the wilderness that is adulthood. The only constant around me through changing seasons and discovery of self was this blog.

In the past five years, I’ve been able to reflect deeply on the world around me, the spaces I occupy and the direction of my unpredictable life. Blogging has made me the most self-aware I’ve ever been and I’m so grateful for that. It’s helped shape my thoughts into concrete form. It’s allowed me to express them way better than I could say with spoken words. 

Really, it’s truly been a journey of growth. For this reason, I know that come rain or shine, I’ll be sticking around here for a very long time. I hope you will be strapped in for the ride too!

Thank you for coming back to my little corner of the internet time and time again. I love you – always ♡

Your restless romantic roamer

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