October ‘On Repeat’

IMG_4826Anyone that has come across me in real life knows one thing for sure: I’m a proud music junky.

I can even state that I’m sure I love music more than the average person. As cheesy as it sounds, I believe music is sort of the soundtrack to my life and I have gone through so many scenes with my life partner, my headphone. It is the one piece of accessory I never leave the house without and I’ve gotten so attached to the point where I buy the same one every time I need a replacement. Same colour too!

Anyways, since I’m already sharing a lot of my life with you, I thought it would only be natural to let you know what I’ve been listening to ‘On Repeat’ throughout the month.

I generally don’t have a favourite genre and I tend to listen to whatever I find as long as I can relate on some level, the beat is banging, or the song just has a great feel to it. Songs that make me feel something indescribable are usually my favourite.

I listen to songs in stages; find a song, fall in love with it, learn every single lyric, sing it all around the house at all times, find it super-duper predictable and then super-duper annoying, fall in love with a new song that will go through that same crazy cycle, months later shuffle play leads me back to that song I loved and it gets more glory days in my headphone. It’s so simple yet so complicated.

So, October huh? These are some of the songs I played and replayed like crazy:

Lennon Stella – Bad

Didn’t really know her aside from the tv show I watched for a few seasons, Nashville, but she is certainly on my radar now. This one was definitely on repeat more than most.

Astrid S – Emotion

She’s back and I need an album now! There’s something about Astrid S that I just love, maybe it’s the tone of her voice or it could be the simplicity and ability of her lyrics to place you at a scene in her world, either way, I need an album asap!

Ella Mai – Boo’d up & Trip

Ella is head over heels in love on the smash hit Boo’d up. Even if you aren’t boo’d up, the 3 minutes 59 seconds track will have you feeling some type of way for sure about that person you’re thinking of right now.

Khalid – Saturday nights & Suncity

“’Cause they’ll only know, what you let ’em see”

Sometimes only one person will completely and actually get you and Khalid does an excellent job of depicting that truth in Saturday nights. This song is definitely my favourite off Suncity and its title track is likewise amazing, I can’t help but move when it comes up in my music library.

Tori Kelly – Questions

“What happens when the healing never comes?”

I’m glad there’s a gospel song like this one out there. Like the title, Tori asked all the tough questions people are too afraid to. She put a melody to all her dilemmas and doubts. It’s real, honest and so not sugar coated at all

Michael Bublé – Love you anymore

My Bublé obsession lasted at least two or three seasons a few years ago and while it’s no longer weird and over the top, I’ll still listen to his voice any time, any day.

Dua Lipa – Kiss and make up ft BLACKPINK

What happens when British pop meets K-pop? You get kiss and make up (I swear I wasn’t trying to rhyme).

I fell in love with Dua Lipa last year at a point where I felt like I was so late to the club and her first album was without question the one I overplayed the most. Also, K-pop has been part of my music library for a while now, way before BTS became super cool ‘worldwide’.

This song is a representation of all the barriers music continues to break on a daily basis. I really hope to see more of this.

Halsey – Without me

Halsey is awesome so of course, this song is awesome. What else can I say?

David Guetta – Blame it on love ft Madison Beer

We push and pull constantly, but we’ll just blame it on love. It’s easier this way!

Sigrid – Sucker punch

You know it’s bad for you. Every bone in your body knows it. Your head and heart for once might agree on something and yet you still go back for that sucker punch.

Emily Warren – Quiet your mind

The whole album. Yes, the whole thing.

Lauren Juaregui – Expectations

Less expectations, more happiness?

My favourite former fifth Harmony member proves to have a lot to say on her first solo track. I’m happy to finally hear her find her own voice.

Lauv – There’s no way ft Julia Michaels

Is there supposed to actually be a reason why you love a song? I think not! Having said that, this song just gets me feeling great each and every time I hear it.

Tiffany Young – Teach you

Don’t mess with her, you’ll end up in flames, literally.

Grace Carter – Why her not me

This one honestly had to grow on me, but once it did, I was all in with the feels.

The track sums up the feeling of someone demanding closure and reasons why they weren’t chosen.

“Why did you have to build the walls so high, oh no, I’m not done climbing” she sings. Determined, confused and most importantly, desperate.

There are so many more that can be added so I made a Spotify playlist you can directly listen to! What songs would you add to yours? Let me know in the comment section below (I might add it to the playlist).


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