6 Little Things That Are Making Me Happy At The Moment

Wow, what a year. You’ve heard it already, on here and elsewhere on the web just how unprecedented these times have been. I think everyone seems to repeat that sentiment so often because saying it over and over still doesn’t make it feel any more real. It still doesn’t feel real and it most certainly doesn’t feel normal in any sense of the word.

This is a difficult time for everyone, and although, many at this point have found some sort of routine, there’s no one size fits all guide on how to deal with a global pandemic and it’s important to remember that.

Let me be honest; it has been particularly difficult to find positives in all of this, and in some ways, it feels weird to even search for a silver lining when I know the devastation and distress this is causing to so many people. Still, I decided I’d write a list of things that are making me smile in this period because sadly this is real life now and perhaps, they could make someone’s frown turn upside down.

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It’s something I’ve learnt over the years, the way one dresses can have a significant effect on their overall mood. This couldn’t be truer at the moment. Although it requires a bit of an effort, following through with my skincare routine and putting on my wardrobe favourites helps me start the day on the right foot. Whether it’s a flowy midi dress you’d usually wear in springtime or a top you often love to show off, it most certainly helps to feel good and confident in the clothes you wear, even right now.


All my mornings start with a really hot shower once I get out of bed, but lately, I’ve been enjoying taking baths once every week. It’s a time I use to soak in all that’s been happening, and I allow my mind to wander aimlessly for as long as it wishes to. I often set a mood with a scented candle and a soft tune, and although it may be simple and mundane, those forty minutes losing myself in the aroma of a burning flame put me at ease real fast.

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Celebrating my birthday during a national lockdown was surely not what I had in mind when the year rolled around, but there I was having to welcome a new age in what I’ll remember as one of the most confusing times of my life. All things considered, the day went well; I received a few surprises and I took a few pictures in my back garden so my future self can have a souvenir in remembrance.
Hosting a Netflix party was definitely an off the cuff idea as I didn’t even know it was a thing a few days prior, but after over half an hour of trial and error it was all set up. I ended up spending the evening of my birthday watching a movie with my best friend in Italy, and it was definitely a highlight of my strange day!


It’s not been that long since I started reading again, in fact, it was just a little before the official lockdown that I picked up a book after a while. For me, it has been very important to try to find an escape during these times and I certainly have in books and podcasts.
The fact that my mind can be in an alternate universe as I flip through pages impatiently or that I can hear Phoebe Judge in her infamous soothing voice on the Criminal Podcast has played a vital part in allowing me to escape the news even for a little while.


I feel like my habit of making tea when I’m stressed or in deep thought is such a constant I might never be able to shake, neither do I want to. There’s a whole process to making the perfect cup and I never deviate from it. From the moment I plug in the kettle to the moment I’m gulping down my first sip, it’s gloriously calming for me, and an irreplaceable part of my daily routine.


For all the fools who still don’t understand why staying home is essential at this time, there are thousands more trying to save lives however they can. Whether it’s those donating towards the pandemic or those ensuring that the elderly in their neighbourhood have what they need to get through this, it is definitely wonderful to see. The internet has been super helpful in showing us that there’s still so much beauty in humanity and that we will never forget.

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