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And just like that, another month has come to a close. April was special in its own way, but it was also as confusing and odd in a new way.

I turned 23 this month and that was most certainly a day I’ll remember forever; a birthday celebration during a national lockdown – how could I forget? As days passed by, it became more difficult to keep track of the things I did and didn’t do the days before, and I will admit that I struggled to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s face it: it’s not always easy to stay positive when our new normal still doesn’t feel normal at all.

Nevertheless, I still managed to do some pretty cool stuff and relied on the little things to bring some inner peace. I baked a ton of banana bread by following a recipe on YouTube and it was hella tasty. I left my house a total of two times this month to get essentials from Asda and I most certainly felt the need for the outdoor air the second time around.
My sister celebrated her first year of marriage and my parents their 30th which was pretty amazing and a reason to smile again.
My favourite discovery this month was definitely the existence of Netflix parties as it’s a fun interactive way I’ve been staying in touch with friends overseas.

So, unto the reason you clicked on this post; the third edition of Rachy’s Radar. Here are the tv shows, podcasts, movies and more that’s I’ve been into this month.

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Money Heist.

It seemed like everyone on my feed was watching this show and after my sister annoyingly listed all the reasons why I should too, I eventually gave in. I don’t think I’ve watched enough of Money Heist to have a concrete idea of where the story is going as I’m still in the first few episodes of season one, but so far so good.

Tell Me What You Saw.

This show was for sure a thrilling one to watch and I finished all 16 episodes rather quickly. Tell Me What You Saw is a Korean drama that follows the story of a secluded top criminal profiler and a rookie detective who has some sort of super photogenic memory that causes her to remember everything she sees. With different goals, they work together to catch a serial killer.

The Good Place.

I  know this show is over now, but I recently started it for two reasons: number one, I felt like I was running out of things to watch and secondly, I love Kristen Bell.
After Eleanor dies she wakes up in ‘the good place’, but let’s just say she’s not supposed to be there.


Leon – Who You Lovin

Apink – Dumhdurum

Khalid, Disclosure – Know Your Worth

JP Saxe, Julia Michaels – If The World Was Ending

Lauv, BTS – Who

Maluma – ADMV

Lennon Stella – Fear Of Being Alone & Older Than I Am

James Bay – Pink Lemonade

Katie – Echo

Solar – Spit It Out


Miss Americana.

I’ve been a fan of Taylor Swift’s since my early teen years, and I must say, this documentary was everything I wanted to see from her. It was raw, emotional and super candid. The movie, which is available on Netflix to stream, explores various aspects of the life of one of the biggest celebrities in the world.

She discusses everything; from being a female in the music industry to why she began to speak up about politics and the infamous Kanye-Kim phone call scandal we’ve now heard the ENTIRE audio now, but I digress.

Tune In For Love.

After some technical issues caused by geographical location differences whilst attempting a Netflix party, my friends and I decided to watch Tune In For Love which was available in both countries.

The movie wasn’t bad overall, but it did lack a certain kind of excitement that would be suitable for a group of people to watch interactively. It was particularly moody and a bit too long in my opinion since for the most part it felt like nothing it felt like the lead characters seemed to be in constant limbo, dancing around their emotions and rarely ever meeting each other halfway.

There were loads of silent scenes which honestly made me anxious, but not in a good way, although I am aware that was an artistic choice some might enjoy. Like I said; not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, and perhaps, I would have enjoyed it more watching alone.  


Rachy Lewis wearing multicoloured jumper
Rachy Lewis holding a book in library

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Adulting – episode 61: Mental Health In The Time Of Corona

In this episode Oenone sits down with psychologist Kimberly Wilson about why we should be talking more about brain health, anxiety and the importance of becoming comfortable with our thoughts, especially, in this period. I generally find myself nodding while I listen to this podcast anyway, but this was a particularly great episode as it couldn’t be any more relevant at the moment.

Crime Junkie: Missing: Niqui McCown

I literally just started listening to Crime Junkie as I was editing the photos for this post and damn, I think I just found a new true crime favourite.

This is the very first episode in which the hosts tell the story of a woman who mysteriously goes missing a few weeks before her wedding.

The Receipts Podcast: Will My Boyfriend Leave His Wife For Me?

One reason why I absolutely love this podcast is because it is genuinely funny and whenever I listen in, I know I’m guaranteed a laugh. Sometime, It feels like you’re listening in on conversations between a group of friends around the kitchen table, other times, it feels like your being told off by your big sisters. In this episode, Milena, Tolly and Audrey answer their listeners’ dilemmas and it sure is worth your ear!

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