If This Is Madness, I’ll Chase It

Rachy Lewis

I caught a glimpse of myself today.

It was a rare sight to see, an unusual one around here these days. A gem of a moment that felt so improbable I’d be more likely to win a lottery ticket or watch a shooting star dissolve in a dark sky.

I caught a glimpse of myself today, one I hadn’t seen in weeks or rather months.

My eyes met themselves in the mirror as I swirled around in my chair in a useless attempt to make the time go faster. It wasn’t as though the hands of the clock would move along as fast as I did while I spun around in that chair, but I did it anyway.
The encounter was one I did not see coming but it was the good kind of unexpected; the type that doesn’t stay too long and isn’t easy to replicate.

The girl in the mirror looked as calm as the morning sea, unwavering and undisturbed, like someone who had managed to let out their last words and had nothing left to say now. The wide smile made her cheeks swell and the way her lips drew apart from each other was unmatched; genuine, with no strings or ulterior motives. Like meeting an old friend by chance in a rural part of a foreign city; greetings were awkward and impulsive yet so warm, familiar and uncomplicated. After exchanging the unscripted “Wow, what a small world. Didn’t think I’d see you here of all places” on a confused loop about a million times, the awkward energy in the air begins to untangle. The realisation creeps in: it is indeed so nice to see a good friend in strange places.

At that moment we locked eyes and she felt crazy free, like she hadn’t in forever, almost like she could have gone mad with laughter, the kind that pays no man no mind. In that state, she could run wild with the wind or dance to no music in the middle of a crowded street without giving a damn in the world what the passerbyers and onlookers may say at the alarming sight.
To them, it may seem like what was left of her sanity had left her only for madness to finally find her. 

“Yes”, she’ll say, “If this is madness, I’ll chase it!”.

Rachy Lewis

Your restless romantic roamer

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