Bitesize Wonders 42 ~ A Sunday Gratitude Journal

I find it a little odd. Despite many chances, I still haven’t written the wrong year at the right corner of any page so far and I’m a little proud of that. I think it’s a sign I’ve gotten comfortable in this new year already and am looking forward to what’s to come. I feel settled in as one would when sitting at the back row of a darkened cinema – popcorn in hand to devour and ready to be taken on an exciting journey of thrills, plot twists and a few Bitesize Wonders.

On that note, it feels good to be writing my first entry of Bitesize Wonders this year. While there are many vital lessons from last year that I promised to bring along with me, there were also a few things I swore to myself I’d keep in the past. This gratitude journal was not one of those. 

I’m glad to tell you I’ll continue chasing Bitesize Wonders even in 2023 too. I’ll be pocketing them whenever and wherever I can to share with you. On grey Sunday mornings when you contemplate sleeping the day away or when you believe life is heavier than the rain pouring on your window, I’ll be here to remind you there are still Bitesize Wonders to be found in odd places. Sometimes, they’re in plain sight too.

So, what am I grateful for today, you may be wondering? Since I last left you to enjoy the holidays, I’ve been lucky enough to find many reasons to be grateful even in the last fortnight. As per tradition now, these are the little big things that have made me even an ounce happier lately:

  • Wrapping and Unwrapping. Lights dancing on the tree even though it is bright outside. Easy laughs and warm glances. Failed attempts at cheating during board game rounds. More laughs and warmer glances. Squeezing in tight to fit in the small frame of a tripod-held camera. Trips down memory lane that always come back to this moment. Togetherness and familial fondness. Torn wrapping paper and untied ribbons scattered on the floor next to a fake tree I’m yet to strip naked. A day I’ll remember for years and years to come.  
  • Living in cosy pyjamas in the ‘in between’ days when the phone doesn’t ring, and emails do not ping. Comfort is the word.
  • “I am lucky to have made it to a new year…” I repeat. “I am lucky to have made it to a new year…”
  • The harsh aftertaste that lingers on my tongue a little too long after swallowing my first cup of coffee in months. Turns out I really missed that sharp bitter flavour!
  • An affectionate hug that is louder than a thousand words could ever be. 
  • The sound of a familiar footstep drawing nearer and nearer by the second. They don’t knock, because, between you two, there’s no need to. They are home, and so are you.
  • Fake arguments that quickly turn to laughter, giggles, and light-hearted jokes.
  • Hitting the log-out button on the work computer with mighty force. Feels good to be free.
  • The favourite fluffy duvet set that finally makes its way out of the wash, into the dryer and unto my bed. Anticipating a cosy night ahead.
  • An impatient knock on the door that interrupts my writing and reminds me to look out the window for a moment. It’s the delivery driver that comes bearing the delicious gifts I paid for like a sushi salmon platter set, chicken teriyaki buns and more goodies I can’t wait to devour. I better go satisfy this craving… 

Take a moment to catch Bitesize Wonders in your daily. Have a great week ahead!

Your restless romantic roamer

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