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Rachy Lewis
Rachy Lewis

There are different types of Mondays. The one’s you jump out of bed for earlier than the buzzing of your alarm clock. As rare as those may be, they often indicate a start of something new, something you’ve looked forward to for ages. Then there are Mondays when you hit the snooze button four times because the ‘you from the night before’ played it kind and set the alarm an hour earlier.

Today is a bit of an in-between; I allowed my snooze button to come into play only twice and that’s a step up if you ask me. I had a late night but woke up early, anxious to get things done and start my week on the right foot.
It might be the start of a new week, but today also marks the last day of August, and I’m already feeling like summer is officially coming to an end. Before we welcome September hopeful for a more positive turn of events, around here there is something we must do first. Yes, it’s time for me to spill on what’s been on my radar lately. Enjoy!   


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It’s Okay To Not Be Okay.

How much can your childhood impact who you are as an adult? This Korean drama is a masterpiece on childhood traumas and how the past can stay ever-present even when you’re full grown. The story follows the male lead, a health worker at a psychiatry ward who has time for nothing and no one, except his brother, and a cold (unstable?) children’s book author with a heck of a temper.
A true contender for best drama of 2020 with an original intriguing plot is available on Netflix.

The Morning Show.

I literally started watching this show on Apple TV last night so I’m only one episode in, but it looks promising. Also, Jennifer Aniston (AHHH)!


Troye Sivan – In a dream

Little Mix – Holiday

Jessi – Numb, NUNU NANA

Jojo – What You Need

BTS – Dynamite

Somi – What You Waiting For

NOTD, Nina Nesbitt – Cry Dancing


Bazzi – Crazy


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Daisybutter: How I Really Saved My Mortgage Deposit

Susan, Books, Etc: Self Care In The Time Of Corona

Sian blogs: Detox Just to Retox

Tami-bee: Coming to Terms With A Post-Pregnancy Body

This is the part where you usually get a list of podcasts I’ve been listening to, but this month will be a little different. Recently, I’ve been feeling like I’ve had the same ten podcasts on rotation for the past few months and I’m a mission to change that.
I asked you guys for suggestions last week on Instagram and got a few that I’ve begun to check out, but I’m going to be turning to you once more to give me more options. My favourite podcasts are often chatty or in an interview setting like The Receipts Podcast, Adulting or Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. As you could probably tell from my previous lists, I also love a good podcast on crime.
What are your favourite podcasts? Leave me some suggestions in the comment section below – it will be fully appreciated!   

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