Bitesize Wonders 28 – An Italian Getaway Edition III


All good things must come to an end they say. As much as I wish that isn’t true, as I flew to London yesterday morning, I am certain it is…
It was just over two weeks I spent catching as many Bitesize Wonders as I possibly could on my Italian getaway. I wrote Postcards from Italy as I played catch up with the life I once had over there. There was not one moment I did not cherish. There was not a moment I did not hold onto tight desperately. As I took in every adventure or unexpected magic, I prayed the time on the clock would stop and leave me there a little longer, but it didn’t and went by faster than I hoped.

Alas, I’m back in England and I feel so much more relaxed, motivated, and collected. I’m fuelled up and full of energy in ways I forgot possible; like I’m ready to tackle my life head-on again.

My time in Italy was already pretty special but my last few days there hid even more Bitesize Wonders than I could have planned for. Consciously catching moments of pure magic to trap them on a page is a big goal of mine this year. On holiday in Italy, it was not difficult to find reasons to be grateful. With that in mind, these are my Bitesize Wonders this week:

  • Train tracks. Clear blue skies. Green fields and countryside homes get long lost in the background as we speed through in a hurry. Another day, another place to get happily lost in.
  • Step-free access and special assistance. 
  • A spontaneous trip to Venice that reaffirmed my thought; ‘Still, Italy has to be the most beautiful place I’ve been!’ It might be a biased opinion, but I’m even more convinced now. 
  • Long strolls down Piazza San Marco with my sister. We make it our mission to go through every single accessible bridge we can find. We want to take in as much of its beauty as we can, even in the middle of the night.
  • With all my travels I’ve become convinced that there’s something different about sleeping in hotel room beds. Regardless of whether it’s a 15-minute snooze or a good night’s sleep, once my head hits the pillow, I drift off into the deepest sleep of my entire life. It’s an unfamiliar type of rest that only comes once in a while… There has to be a science to this. Is there? 
  • Securing a seat at an expensive outdoor restaurant. The fact that we got there right before opening time means we can be assigned an unreserved table. We are directed towards one of the very few left. The empty chairs fill up in a matter of minutes as the servers begin to turn away hungry hopefuls.
    Menus set on the table; fingers scroll through it eagerly in search of the golden meal instinctively craved. The food is served and of course, it’s as perfect as I suspected it would be. I order a classic chocolate cake for dessert. The seaside view makes the price tag on the bill all the more worth it!
  • Losing sleep to catch planes and trains and swaying water buses.
  • The CRAZY moment the airline staff accepts our hold luggage that’s a whole 5kg over our allowance. She lets it through without comments or complaints. My sister and I look at each other in disbelief, but it’s the kind of Bitesize Wonder that one just takes without hesitation. Phew, our Italian snacks won’t have to be chucked out! I’m convinced this can only happen in Italy!
  • The many service workers we came across who were competent, considerate, patient, and empathetic. They really deserve recognition and kindness returned.  
  • Catching up on sleep on planes, moving trains and buses.
  • The last day shopping that makes you wish you could store an entire city in your bag pack. In the end, you settle for a snowball, fridge magnets and handmade scented candles instead. 

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  1. Sounds like a dreamy stay! All these magical, unexpected moments are what makes travel so fulfilling.
    All the best from Strasbourg, France
    Stephanie and Jerome

    1. It indeed was the best time I’ve had in forever! As I write this, I’m back now, but I would redo it all again in a heartbeat.
      Thank you for taking the time to read.

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