Bitesize Wonders 46 ~ A Sunday Gratitude Journal

The other day, a friend told me that they hate Sundays. I asked the reason because I really couldn’t understand why anyone would feel that way. Then they proceeded to say was because the day that followed was Monday and on Sundays, all they do is dread the thought of returning to work. 
Rather than hate Sundays, I choose to see it from another angle. I choose to view it as another day of relaxation before the dreaded Monday kick-off. A perfect time to enjoy the little thing and seek out moments of pure magic – as I call them, Bitesize Wonders.

So, I do love Sundays exactly as they are. Plus, as I explained to you in last week’s catch-up, I could certainly use the extra day of sleep!

Just like the last few weeks, my days have stayed busy lately, which is ironic because I barely left the house. As I try to stay afloat with everything, I still look out for Bitesize Wonders in the everyday mundane and as I do every Sunday, I’ll share the ones that stuck out to me this past week:

Pictured: a bowl of crunchy nuts, a canon camera and a car shaped AirPods case on a brown stool.
  • The reflection of the sun creeping in through the windows that marks its glow on the bathroom tile. A simple beauty to behold on an early morning…
  • Constructive advice. The kind that comes candid and solicited. The type that shifts a narrow perspective wide open and points towards the right direction. 
  • Old friends who pop up on your screen unexpectedly with a desire to catch up! Feels great to be remembered.
  • Out of my hands and into the world! I released my first YouTube video this week, and I’m so grateful to every single person who took a second to watch it. It took a long time for me to even admit it was something I wanted to do really. There were many reasons behind my hesitation (read more about it here) but now I do not intend to back down anytime soon. More coming soon!
  • Waking up past 10 am after a long week of hard work. Laying in bed for a while longer just because I can. 
  • Breaking a pattern and breaking a sweat. It’s been nearly over a year since I’ve been saying I’ll return to the gym. Each time I said it, I believed it but did so little to attempt to keep my word. In fact, I didn’t. I’d often recall how much I loved when I went out of habit, how much better it made me feel, and how much happier I was because of it. Nonetheless, I never did.
    This week, I stepped foot in the gym again and I’m super proud of myself for it. Now, I just need to make it a habit again…!
  • Brown sugar roasted milk bubble tea. A yummy discovery for my taste buds. We now all know where all my money went this week!

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