Bitesize Wonders 40

Growing older is all about coming to terms with the things that happen to us as well as the decisions we make. We watch life pass us by and the best we can do is focus hard on the things we can control. We learn to tame desires, cope with loss and hold on tight to fragments of joy. Focusing on the things I can control is what got me here in the first place – counting Bitesize Wonders.

You know that rush of enthusiasm that crashes over every living being whenever the cold January air comes round? It can often be recognised by a sea of fresh resolutions and new found energy. It’s fuelled by a desire to cause change and fix the broken parts of our lives we don’t deem entirely hopeless. I too was eager to change my life for the better when January came around and amongst the many goals I hoped to accomplish, keeping a tab on the little big things in my life was one of them. 

I can assure you while I was hopeful things would start to look up for me when I started this digital gratitude journal, I wasn’t all that confident. Somehow, things did start to look up…

It’s number 40! Turns out I’ve somehow written a list of Bitesize Wonders nearly every week since the year began and I think that’s a little insane.
By now you know my mission very well, to catch moments of pure magic and trap them on a page. I’m glad I can say I succeeded thus far!

We learn to tame desires, cope with loss
and hold on tight to fragments of joy…

When I began this weekly series, I was just going with the flow to be honest. I needed a source of joy. I needed to be reminded of the good in the world. Essentially, I needed to believe that the glass could be half full in most situations.
So I focused on the good. I treasured my warm cups of tea, rare lie ins, and stunning sunsets a lot more. Clocking out of work a little earlier than usual became something I took the time to appreciate more and eating out with good company too. I highlighted big moments too like a getaway to Italy, unreal encounters, and celebrated special moments with special friends.

Today, I’ll keep it plain and simple. Practicing gratitude really does work for me in a positive way. And I’m not talking about forcing it or toxic positivity. If a day is not going well, I won’t insist it is just to write a new blog post and if I truly found no moment of pure wonder, I wouldn’t make one up.

While writing all 40 entries of my gratitude list, I learned that truly there are always things in our lives worth smiling about. 
You might have to improvise, go with the flow, hold on to the last straw. When you face the most tumultuous of days that make you feel like your head is buried in the sand, remember, there are always ~ always ~ Bitesize Wonders around you. You just have to find them.

What’s a Bitesize Wonder that has been a source of joy in your life lately? Share in the comments below!

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